The Apocalypse Play-To-Earn NFT game running fully on the Binance Smart Chain, part of the Revoluzion ecosystem. Players are able to recruit their heroes, craft their weapons, wands and shields to fight mobsters and gain level. Multiple features including PVM, PVP, Battle Arena, Mining, marketplace and much more!



Revoluzion Ecosystem Projects


Revoluzion Project

The future of the Multi-DApp ecosystem is here, a Revoluzion! Full-on DApp integration including our services for academy system, smart contract & dApp development, code restructure and audit services.

Revoluzion Website

Luzion Protocol

The future of Protocol of Dual Reward with Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding & BUSD Reflection all together! The first ever to have lowest buy tax protocol with proper security measures.

Luzion Protocol Website

Apocalypse NFT Gaming

The Apocalypse Play-To-Earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain. Players are able to recruit their heroes, craft their weapons, wands and shields to fight mobsters and gain level.

Apocalypse Website

A project that you can rely on with actual use cases for the tokens.

What makes us better?

Open Source

All Apocalypse smart contract and ecosystem projects are open source and viewable by the public. All codes are viewable on BSCscan and our GitHub.

Team & Community Driven

Key to success in any project is not just on community but also on how the team keeps building the project, iteration after iteration.

Transparency / Doxed

Trust is the biggest issue in DeFi space, hence we aim for full transparency including having core team members doxed.


Apocalypse and ecosystem projects are all decentralized and open to public including transactions and more. We believe in decentralized finance and decentralized exchange.

About Apocalypse Game

Apocalypse (APOC) is a DeFi game token built on the efficient Binance Smart Chain. Our vision is to deliver a full on-chain NFT game based on the nostalgia Korean game called Helbreath. A complete game that can be played on any browser with wallet connect anywhere at anytime! Revoluzion team will be launching the Android / IOS version in the near future as well.

Apocalypse, a full plan-to-earn NFT game that rewards players in BUSD currency for player versus mob based. Multiple game features includes player versus players and Battle Arena, players are able to battle each other by staking LZN tokens as rewards including second drop / minerals rewards.

Audit Certificate

Apocalypse Token smart contract includes reward pool functionality that is secured and safe, reward pool smart contract is locked and secured. The Smart Contract analysis reported no compiler error or critical issues.

The contract Owner can access some admin functions that can not be used in a malicious way to disturb the users' transactions. There is also a limit of max 10% fees. The audit focuses on performance improvements, security notes and business logic concerns.



Tokenomics is crucial to every NFT game, as to that, we strive to ensure a fully automated swap to the reward pool. Reward pool is what stores all of the players rewards. To sustain the balance of the reward pool over time, there is a tax for almost every in-game purchase, level up, repairs, upgrades, crafting and more.

Reward pool will receive 5% of taxation directly store in the Smart Contract and swap automatically. Additionally, 1% of the tax will be used for buy-back & burn to deflate supply and increase the value of the token, 1% tax goes to auto add liquidity to ensure adequate liquidity for reward pool and the remaining 2% goes to marketing / ecosystem. This makes up a total of only 9% total tax for both buy and sell.

Buy Back & Burn

1 %

Auto Liquidity

1 %

Marketing / Ecosystem

2 %

Reward Pool

5 %

Deflationary System, Supply Becomes Scarce Over Time

Hard Coded 9% Max Tax Into Smart Contract

Multiple Services Integration

Additional Revoluzion services that helps funds the game!


Audit Services

Revoluzion Audit Services compromise of three divisions. We are able to provide simple pre-launch auditing to ensure smart contracts have zero issues, simple post-launch auditing to provide full reporting for potential investors to review, and advanced, detailed review and consulting for multiple smart contracts working together, such as games, marketplaces, etc.

KYC Verification Services

KYC or also known as 'Know Your Customer' is the process of identity verification of developer or project teams members. Revoluzion does comprehensive checks and verifies the identity of the project team members who submits their KYC.

Smart Contract Services

The Revoluzion Smart Contract services includes multiple types of ready-made smart contracts deployable instantly with a click of a button. Revoluzion also provide fully customized smart contract services for Solidity, feel free to get in touch with us for a quote!

Revoluzion Academy

The mission for the Academy is to spread knowledge, and awareness, on Decentralized Finance and structure. Revoluzion vision is to revolutionize the industry by spreading knowledge to users with illustrations, videos, and documentation as simple as possible.

To truly understand how decentralization works, student investors should fully through the Academy lessons. Revoluzion mission had always prioritize on authenticity and legitimate projects, we are extremely against scam, manipulation of the system and fraud.


DApp Services

Revoluzion provides multiple function dApps to accommodate your project type. A DApp is highly crucial for tokens that provide dividends, or for rebase, even games. A DApp provides beneficial metadata to your holders, and future investors, directly from the dApp itself.

More Than A Typical Crypto Game

Gaming while receiving profit, now that's fun! Craft and upgrade your items and trade for BUSD!

Player Versus Mobs

Players are able to battle within mobs and receive rewards for every win! Battle your way up through the level to increase rewards, each level will require 10 wins to level up.

Players can battle as much they want as long health point is sufficient. Health recovery is 100 HP every hour, players can also recover instantly by utilizing their LZN tokens!


Players will be able to craft, level up upgrade, forging, dismantle, enchant and trade their items. Players are able to store as many items they wish so, including characters as well.

Players are able to utilize their items and create multiple type of weapons and stats. Items also have endurances where players would require to repair their items once exhausted.

Player Versus Player

Have additional characters? Join in the player versus player or battle arena and battle among other players!

Players are required to stake their LZN to battle and winner gets their rewards. Lost the battle, fred not! players might even have a chance to receive Minerals as airdrop or even bigger reward called the Second Drop!

Game Dashboard

Revoluzion aims to provide connections via multiple wallets for our users.  Users are able to utilize a variety of wallet connections on a wide variety of devices with utmost security using Moralis Authentication for sign-in.

Apocalypse game dashboard provides players with complete data and details on the game, players are able to view their holdings, their rewards, claim rewards, increase allowance and even swap tokens!

Apocalypse game utilize both RVZ and LZN tokens in the game, as to such, we ensure players are always able to view their holdings, including token value and such. The game even provides a constant BUSD to Token value rate, this helps players to understand the required amount of tokens as shown in the game itself.


Players are able to purchase and sale their NFTs at the marketplace section. Players are able to sell and buy characters, weapons, wands, shields, mineral and more other items in near future.

Players are also able to delist their items if they wish to not continue to list for sale. There will be 10% sale taxation from total amount of sale.

Built On A Robust And Powerful Platform

Apocalypse game utilize the upmost dated coding language to constantly adopt to future developments and optimization. Apocalypse game server runs on Hostinger cloud and Moralis server for database and sign in encryption to ensure upmost security possible to our players.

Fast and fully optimize

Moralis encryption secured sign-in


Battle And Earn!

Revoluzion team had took tons of feedback from our awesome players, and to that, we will be implementing a much better game mechanism and restructure of the game.

We will be lowering all NFTs price to draw in more players, this ensure sustainability to the game and PVP features. To encounter reward pool from draining, certain percentage from external services funding will be deposited to the Reward Pool.

Start Earning Today!


Play It On Your Phone Or Tab!

Apocalypse game can be played on practically every mobile phone or tablet device available on the market!  We strive to ensure that Apocalypse is playable on almost every device in either portrait or landscape modes!

Play It On Your Laptop Or PC!

Apocalypse game can be played on either a desktop or a laptop on most browser that supports wallet connect or metamask extension, the game will automatically adjust to provide the best view possible!


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