Crafting process is a skill by utilizing minerals into another minerals with higher grade. All players are able to utilize the crafting process, you will only require RVZ tokens to utilize the crafting process each time.

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For All Classes

Everyone is able to utilize the crafting skills tab as long they have the minerals and RVZ tokens to utilize.

Success Rates

The higher the level tier to craft, the lower the success rate it. NOTE : minerals have a chance to be depleted (lost) forever when failed.


Crafting minerals to higher level tier allows players to utilize the mineral for manufacturing upgrades on weapons, wands and shields.

Same Tier Only

Crafting of minerals are only for same tier level of both minerals, players can not craft minerals with different tier level.

About Crafting

Crafting process is basically utilizing two same minerals type to increase the tier level of the mineral. There are 25 levels of mineral tiers, the higher the tier is the lower the chances of success.

Crafting have success and failure rate, players can also lose one or both of the minerals as well if crafting process failed. By having a burning mechanism in place, this ensures the game does not get overload with minerals and ensures a more balance rate by producing demands.

What Does Crafting Do?

Crafting is basically combining two minerals elements into a single mineral element of the next tier level. Players can craft their minerals as long they have adequate minerals and RVZ tokens.

By having higher tier minerals, players can utilize this minerals to upgrade their weapons, wands and shields depending on the manufacturing upgrade minerals requirement that is needed.

How to earn minerals? Players will require to stake their characters for mining for coals only, as for rare characters, they have chances on receiving Crystal for their drops. Players can also get minerals airdrop from joining Player Versus Player or Battle Arena modes, minerals have a chance to airdrop to players who lost the battle.


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