Apocalypse Heroes crafting features!

Crafting Features

For Common Only

All heroes from the common tier only are able to craft into a knight tier class. We will expand in future with more tier class.

Burning Mechanism

Key to success in any NFT game projects are sustainability. Therefore, all crafting will have burning mechanism no matter success or failure, both NFT will be depleted.

Stats Do Not Matter

Stats of the heroes would not matter when comes to crafting. Levels, defence, attack would not matter as long the heroes class and skill set are identical for both to craft.

Required Same Skill Set

To craft into another tier hero, players would require 2 common with the same class of either warrior or mage with the same skill set. Different skill set would not allow players to craft.

Apocalypse Manufacturing Upgrades

Yes, you are able to manufacture your heroes into better heroes! Manufacturing is extremely easy, players would require 2 of the same common warrior or mage with same skill set. Success manufacturing will upgrade their heroes to a better tier.

Apocalypse Crafting

Crafting the future!

To ensure the marketplace is not flooded with an excessive amount of heroes NFTs, we implemented a burning mechanism in the heroes crafting section. When a player craft their heroes for higher class heroes, both NFT will be depleted upon success or failure.

By implementing a burning mechanism such as this, we sustain the game for a longer period of time and reduce the number of heroes NFTs in circulation. By reducing the supply of available NFTs, we increase demand for those NFTs and that increases the value. This heroes NFT burning concept is similar to burning tokens in order to reduce the supply, which in turn increases the value of each token / NFT.

5% Chances Of Success Crafting Rate

Required Same Class And Skill Set No Matter The Stats

Balancing Mechanism To Control NFT Circulation

Apocalypse Knight Warrior