Apocalypse marketplace features!

Marketplace Features

Super Easy To Use

Marketplace is made as simplistic as possible for players to easily buy & sell without any hassle. All buy & sell are in native BNB (bep20) token for the time being, we will change to require APOC in future.

Safe & Secured

To ensure the marketplace is fully secured, there would not be any functions that could jeopardize the marketplace smart contract even by the owner itself.

Escrow & Automated

Marketplace is made as an escrow to provide a safe and secure transaction hubs for players to trade their NFTs among other players without getting cheated. All transactions are done automatically.

Custom Offers

We created a function for all players to utilize an offer function, whereby, players are able to offer the amount for an item they are truly interested in.

Apocalypse Marketplace

Apocalypse marketplace would be used for players to make trades and even offer their trades. Trading is what makes the game more enjoyable, creating the community and helping players make friends.

Secured Marketplace!

To ensure the marketplace is secured and safe to be used, there would not be any call functions in the smart contract. Technically the smart contract would not be able to write any functions such as NFT withdrawal, deposit, funds etc. The smart contract only works as an escrow between both the buyer and seller for a secure and automatic transactions.

A Secure Transaction Marketplace For Players

Apocalypse Marketplace