Apocalypse shields are utilize by all characters. Players will require to mint the shield and equip them to their characters. Shields are universal to all characters and class no matter tiers.

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Skill Class

Shields are universal and are equipable by any characters from any class or tiers. Players are able to utilize their shield on any characters they wish to utilize.

Upgrade & Trade

Shields can be minted, sold or bought through our marketplace. Players can upgrade their shields and sell or trade them for the desire items they need.


Shields are utilize to increase defense points on a character, the higher the defense point, the lower the health point deduction after winning in a battle.

Multiple Tiers

Shields have multiple tiers including, common, manufactured, enchanted and rare. Shields also consist of endurance that requires repairs.

About Shields

There are only one type of shield class and are suitable to all the characters class. Shield does not have a specific class for specific characters, can be utilize by any class, any characters and any tiers.

What Does Shields Do?

Shields are mandatory requirement for player versus mobs, players will require to mint a shield and equip them to their characters before being able to start the PVM.

Shields consist of two stat which is defense points and endurance, players are always able to reinforce, manufacture or enchant their shields to have higher defense point and endurance. Having increase defense point decreases the health point deduction after success battles while increase in endurance requires less repairs.

Shields consist of only one class and are universal to every characters class, type or tiers. Shields are also both equipable by both mage and warriors.

Shields are not required to be equipped for joining player versus player or battle area, only characters are. Shields can also be bought or sold on the marketplace.


Time To Shield Up!

The shields found in Apocalypse have been designed and hand sketched by our own talented sketch designer, Ubai. Because the game was modeled after the MMORPG game Helbreath, many of the mob characters will resemble those found in the original Helbreath game.

We are fans of the original game, and this pays homage to the roots of our game!

Minting shield NFTs will require Apocalypse (APOC) Tokens. The number of tokens required will be equivalent to $10 BUSD, regardless of the price of the (APOC) token. Players can mint any number of shields they desire depending on available space in their inventory slots.



Players are able to store as many shields in their inventory, there are no limit as to inventory space.

Players are able to equip only one shield per character at one time, one character per slot. Characters that equip shields are still able to join PVP or Battle Arena rooms, however, the shield will not take into effect nor reduce its endurance.


Shield Upgrade Class

Below are the list of shields upgrade class.

NOTE : Check out Apocalypse GitBook on NFT depletion during upgrades.






Shield Upgrades

Players are able to upgrade their shield to increase their defense points and endurance. Certain upgrades increases either the defense point or endurance and certain upgrades increases both.

Reinforce does not deplete the NFT anymore, however, it will only increase the shield endurance. Manufacturing does not deplete the shield NFT but will deplete mineral NFT when failed.

NOTE : Certain upgrades will deplete the NFT, kindly review documents for more info.


Shield Class

Below are the list of shield class.

NOTE : There is only one class for shield and is universal to all characters.


Shield Metadata

Below are the shields metadata.



Defense Point

1 PT

Base Endurance

500 PT