Player VS Player and Minerals

Version 0.0.004 (9th May 2022)

Apocalypse would be releasing a whole new UI for the dApp including multiple in-game features such as player versus player and mining minerals.

Complete whole new dApp layout would consist of dark / glass neumorphism theme, development would also include a much more user friendly guide for new players to understand the game better.

  • In-built FAQ info directly on the dApp itself for most of the game functions where users are able to understand every part of the game better.
  • Complete new game dApp UI/UX using dark / glass neumorphism theme
  • Player versus player battle feature where players are able to stake their LZN tokens to battle each other (winners wins the staked)
  • Air drop minerals chances for players who joins the PVP battle
  • Mining function where players are able to stake their heroes to gain mineral air drops
  • Manufacturing feature, players are able to manufacture weapons / wands / shields using combination of minerals
  • Prevention on certain function to not be available with a pop up explaining in details of said error.

There are much more features in development, we strive to ensure the game to be sustainable for a long run.

We understand the issue with the reward pool not replenishing for the time being, this is due to BTC and BNB movement downwards. This prevents the automation swap to kick in as the value for APOC to BUSD would be much lower and wouldn't be beneficial to swap at the current rate.

Rest assured, team are working constantly on this and hoping to resolve this issue soonest possible.


Game Issues Updates

Version 0.0.003 (28th April 2022)

We had few issues with wallet connections via Apocalypse game dApp and we will be reverting back to the old wallet connection version soon.

  • This was an issue with wallet connection 5.0.1 which is the latest that we updated awhile back, however, it is causing issues for user with SafePal and TrustWallet on IOS not being able to utilize most in-game txn.
  • As for minting, do increase the gas limit at times to ensure a success transaction. This might happen due to BSC being congested.

We will rectify this issue soonest possible. Thanks

Marketplace Smart Contract

Version 0.0.002 (7th April 2022)

We had deploy the new marketplace smart contract including various other updates together

  • Deployed of Marketplace Smart Contract
  • Deployed Marketplace on the dApp
  • Mobsters success winning rate had been adjusted to easier
  • APOC and RVZ portfolio header now links to PancakeSwap directly.
  • Adjusted level 1 upgrades for all items to 40% success rate, rest is maintained.
  • Withdraw for rewards claim is now adjustable (players can now input total amount).
  • Adjustment of daily withdrawal claim to 10 BUSD daily (accumulative)
  • Mobsters now do not have NFT frames
  • Mobsters had been adjusted to face heroes during fight now
  • Revise dApp codes to ensure a much smoother experience
  • Deployment of game updates on the dashboard
  • Added guide button that redirects to guide page on website
  • Added total RVZ or APOC required for minting
  • Added XP gain and HP Reduction pop up after a battle lost or won.
  • Added Filipino, Hindi, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai subtitles to tutorial video (more languages to come soon)

Future updates to be released

  • Market Listing tab on the inventory section where players can view their listing and un-list
  • Development of heroes view on fight tab without NFT frames
  • Development of heroes will now show weapon/wand and shield during fight tab
  • Development of Fight Tab to show 3 Fighting variant of PVM, PVP and Battle Arena
  • Development of Player VS Player including smart contract and logic
  • Development of Battle Arena including smart contract and logic (10 players able to fight among each other same time)
  • Development of RVZ and APOC portfolio header to pop up for instant swap
  • Development of manufacturing, enchanting, crafting
  • Development of mining smart contract and logic
  • Development of mining flow chart and dApp tab
  • Deployment of 5 new status heroes for warriors and mage

New dApp with game updates

Version 0.0.001 (20th March 2022)

We had adjust certain part of the taxation and pricing from the previous beta version for the newly launched V1 dApp.

  • Removal of 10% taxation for claim rewards
  • Lowered taxation level for level up from 30% to 25%
  • Lowered repair price for all items to fix 5 BUSD worth in APOC for any endurance to max.
  • Adjusted defence point for rare shields to 70 defence points instead of 100 points.
  • Removal of allowance approval for each transaction required to full max approval instead.
  • Adjustment of HP recovery rate at 36 secs per HP (100HP recovery every hour)
  • All level up upgrades for weapons, wands and shields is now fixed at 10 BUSD
  • Endurance for common items are now max at 500 points while rare's are maxed at 1000 points.
  • Deployment of new game smart contract with additional optimization
  • Deployment of new dApp with implementation of both Moralis and Web3JS connection
  • Add guide button that brings up guide page web on the dashboard
  • Will add links to Pancakeswap for RVZ, BUSD and APOC on the dApp temporary till we get the Swap done on the dApp
  • Added XP gain and HP Reduction pop up after a battle lost or won.
  • Fixed dashboard layout for small screen mobile
  • Fixed dashboard layout for big screen mobile and tablet layout
  • Fixed marketplace pagination on pages
  • Fixed navigation links for mobile
  • Added Turkish and Chinese subtitles to tutorial video (more languages to come soon)
  • More features to be implemented soon