Apocalypse mages wands features!

Wands Features

For Mages Only

All wands are only to be used by mage heroes including all tier of mage heroes. Wands do not work with warrior heroes.

Wand Upgrades

Wands are able to upgrade from base of level 0 till level 10 max. Upgrading wands increases winning success rates, therefore increases the speed of retrieving rewards quicker.

Specific Skill Set

Each wand have it's own skill set which are only to be used by the heroes that acquired that skill set. An Energy wand would not be able to equip by a mage with fire skill.

Wand Endurance

There would be a time in alternate universe where wands would require repairs, therefore, we integrated a repair system in the game itself where players would require to repair their wand when endurance gets to zero.

Apocalypse Wands

Apocalypse would currently consist of 5 types of wands that are utilize depending on the heroes skills. Mages would require to equip a wand and a shield before authorized to fight. Warriors are not able to utilize any mages weapons as the skillset are not the same.

Wands Of The World

The wands found in Apocalypse have been designed and hand sketched by our own talented sketch designer, Ubai. Because the game was modeled after the MMORPG game Helbreath, many of the mob characters will resemble those found in the original Helbreath game.

We are fans of the original game, and this pays homage to the roots of our game!

Minting wand NFTs will require Apocalypse (APOC) Tokens. The number of tokens required will be equivalent to $30 BUSD, regardless of the price of the (APOC) token. Players can mint any number of wands they desire depending on available space in their inventory slots.

Wand NFTs must be stored in the players inventory (on-chain) and they must also be at full endurance before being able to post them for sale on the NFT marketplace.

Apocalypse Rare Wand Energy

Yes, I Wand It!

To ensure the marketplace is not flooded with an excessive amount of wand NFTs, we implemented a burning mechanism in the wand upgrade section. The higher the level of upgrade used on a wand, the higher the winning success rate. However, the higher the level of upgrade used on a wand, the higher the risk of burning the wand NFT in the process. Of course, once burned, that specific wand NFT is gone forever.

By implementing a burning mechanism such as this, we sustain the game for a longer period of time and reduce the number of NFTs in circulation. By reducing the supply of available NFTs, we increase demand for those NFTs and that increases the value. This wand NFT burning concept is similar to burning tokens in order to reduce the supply, which in turn increases the value of each token / NFT.

Balancing Mechanism To Control NFT Circulation

Apocalypse Rare Wand Ice

The Wands Category

Mages wands consist of five categories which are Energy, Lightning, Earth, Ice and Fire

Apocalypse Energy Wand

Energy Wand

Base Endurance : 500 points
Base Attack : 1 Point

The beginner wand, easy to cast and to master. Made and crafted by the wizard of Aresden during the breakout of Heldenian war.
Apocalypse Ice Wand

Ice Wand

Base Endurance : 500 points
Base Attack : 1 Point

The first ice wand that was ever crafted for a Full Hero Mage. Forged by the masters of Icebound wizards for the mages itself to defeat all the mobsters that ruined their city.
Apocalypse Lightning Wand

Lightning Wand

Base Endurance : 500 points
Base Attack : 1 Point

The wand that was forged by the materials and constant thunders that hits the ground in Abaddon city, the lucky wizard of Aresden found the wand in the center of the portal.

Apocalypse Fire Wand

Fire Wand

Base Endurance : 500 points
Base Attack : 1 Point

The almighty fire wand from the depth of Dragonia lava! Fire Wand is the most powerful wand for a mage, combine with its magical volcanic glass and magma material to forged a powerful magical wand.
Apocalypse Fire Mage
Apocalypse Earth Wand

Earth Wand

Base Endurance : 500 points
Base Attack : 1 Point

When Tigerworms appeared during the war, mages realize that it is impossible to attack the mobsters under all that earth crust, hence, earth wand was created to power the grounds.